As the name implies, Taco Tuesday is held each Tuesday at the Latitude 10 Beach Club at the Sailing Center. And while we're off the topic, that's a long name, isn't it? L10BC@TSC isn't much better. Can we all just agree we'll call it L10?

The idea behind Taco Tuesday (or TT for short) is to make your life a little easier (no dishes and kids under 6 eat free), plus it will get you down to the Club for a little Playa Potrero sunset, and finally, it coinsides with Happy Hour. All good things in our view. 

Taco Tuesday features not only our great chicken, pork, and veggie tacos, but also shrimp and fish tacos, rice, beans, pico de gallo, spicy carrots, guacamole, sour cream, and other great accoutrement. So come on down to the Costa Rica Sailing Center or CRSC or Latitude 10 Beach Club or L10 or L10BC@TSC for Taco Tuesday (TT) tonight (If tonight happens to be Tuesday).