Now that we've got our new boats, we're ready to start renting sailboats in Potrero Bay, Costa Rica! Deep breathe. Yes, it's an exciting day. And we want everyone to have a wonderful experience with our RS Teras, RS Qubas, and Hobie Waves, so the first time you rent from us, your rental will include a 10-15 minute checkout sail to pass along local knowledge and make sure you're comfortable with the equipment. 

It's important that everyone be safe. Even though we have one of the best sailing bays in all of Central America, the winds can be shifty sometimes. Don't be intimidated. We’ll teach you about leaving and returning from the beach, the local reefs and local sailing knowledge of Potrero. It's always nice to talk to local mariners and we've been sailing this bay for a long time.

The Checkout is required and is done right before you rent the first time. It is our chance to see that you have sufficient skills to sail the boat safely and appropriately in the changing conditions of Potrero Bay.

You'll need to satisfactorily demonstrate sailing ability, including a capsize recovery, tacking, jibing, and sailing at all Points of Sail. As we've said, the Checkout is a prerequisite for future renting of a Tera, Quba, or Hobie Wave. OK I think we've got that covered. 

What if you want to rent one of our RS Fevas or the Venture? To rent those boats you'll have to be a member of our Sailing Club with a minimum Junior ranking or have ASA or US Sailing certification. Or you can take one of our certification courses

We're excited for you guys to get down here and go sailing. How about tomorrow?