Finding the right boats for the sailing we want to share with our friends in Costa Rica has been a challenge. We have some basic needs. They need to be safe. We're far from the local chandelry, so they need to be tough. We need some boats that are so basic, kids can rig them, sail them, flip them, right them, and keep having fun the whole time. We need bigger boats that adults can learn on, and we need boats that are both forgiving and challenging. We think we've found what we're looking for in RS Sailing.


RS Sailing's growing fleet of international class boats come in a range of sizes and configurations. From learning dinghies like the Tera fit our needs better than the Optis and El Toros we grew up sailing in San Diego and San Francisco. These boats are great for young learners, and let the kids progress to boats with greater handling and control like the Quba while keeping the basic feel and function relatively the same. 

For adult students, or as the kids turn into teens and start looking to racing, the Feva is the boat that fits. This is the boat in the RS Sailing line that initially caught our eye. This is a boat you want to sail whether you're out to explore the bay, or racing in a big fleet. A big optional asymmetrical jumps the power up a notch, and she gets up on a plane and really moves if you want her to.  

So far the catamaran and the larger keel boats are still in the works, but get ready. Not only will they fit the bay well, they are going to be an exciting ride no matter where you are in the country.

One of our big requirements at CRSC is the ability to deal with a fair amount of wind on occasion. Mostly we get perfect 10-15 knots of soft breeze in our protected bay. Less tucked away where we teach our beginning classes. And getting wet isn't a problem. But so many of the small boats we grew up sailing in Southern California are not well-suited for this environment (though you're welcome to disagree). RS Sailing's line of lightweight, heavily constructed, and incredibly well-designed boats is the right choice for CRSC.

Come down and try them as soon as you can. We are sure you'll agree.