Feeling Lucky


Feeling Lucky

Do you remember the feeling of driving the boat for the first time? It's an all-time good one. That feeling like, Man! finally, it's all working out! You stand a little taller, breathe deeper.

Collectively at the Club, we've been having a bunch of these moments lately. I hope you've been able to be with us to enjoy them. The camp kids are feeling 10 feet tall thanks to Ryan and their own awesomeness. The music at sunset out by the bonfire has been spectacular. And we are lucky to have so many great members, both new and old, down at the Club so often lately. Thank you all.

Let's keep it going.

Tonight is Trivia to Benefit Abriendo Mentes at 7pm. Get your team together and come join in the fun. c2000 per person to play (worth it). Teams of 2-4 people please. It's a fun event, and, as we like to say - Better Than Nothing.

("Better than nothing" is a trademark of CRSC with all rights and restrictions. Please do not use, or even think "BTN" without the express, written permission of CRSC.)

For Friday Music we've got something new - Roy from Tamarindo! (Yes, once again, I have no idea what his last name is.) Friday @ 5:30pm. He will be playing a beautiful mix of percussion and electronic music. It will be another evening not to be missed.

I'm so excited that the Club is turning into an interesting music venue. On Sunday we'll continue this trend with our Latin Dance Party starting at 7pm. Marta will be there early giving free lessons, and the music goes until 10:30pm.

Finally an adult night at the Club! We'll have the latin band Opa Opa! performing a bunch of great dance music. Whether you want to go our for a twirl, or just sip one of our new cocktails off to the side and watch the folks in the dance contest, it's going to be a fun night.

Please come support your club and do something different with your Sunday evening!

We've got a bunch of upcoming events you are going to want to know about. The biggest is the Chili Cook Off & Chiliguaro Contest. Yes. Sept. 9th 3:30pm - 9pm. This may be only the 2nd Annual, but it's clear this is a Club Classic. Entrants will receive an event t-shirt and two tastings to the event.

If you just want to come on down to taste and party, it's c7500 for adults and c3500 for kids. You'll get to taste all the chilis, plus fill up on the house chili offerings, cornbread, salad, and (if you're over 18) try and then vote on all the Chiliguaro contest entries.

Awesome t-shirts will be available at the event. Live music, DJ, food, and more will be available. Come on down and make a day of it. We’ll have live music (the Blackshirts - Max's band from Tamarindo), lots of great food, and tons of people. Maybe even fireworks! Who knows?! Not us!

Another great event is coming up next week: Pinky Guaro - a new band - will debut at the Club starting at 8pm Saturday August 18th! Yes! We are going to be open till 10pm! Whoa! Incredible. Come on out for some great music out by the water. (The pineapple skull poster is awesome too!)
Send Us a Note About Anything. We Care. 



Summer Youth Multi-Sport Camps

Screenshot 2017-05-23 at 1.49.39 PM.png

It's almost that time of year again, when the kids are out of school...and you need something to occupy their time.  Enter our solution - "MULTI-SPORT Camp!!!"

In true keeping with our multi-sport fun, we will be doing activities such as fishing, tubing, snorkeling, and, of course, sailing.   

Plus,  we will incorporate knot tying, beach clean up, water safety and other important life-skills.  Now that we are including lunch,  the kids will be full of food when you pick them up...and dry!  Do we care about you, or what?!

The camps will be offered 4 days per week,  Tues-Fri, 9:00am until 1:00pm, 4 consecutive weeks to choose from individually, or enroll in them all.

  • Week 1: July 18th - July 21st

  • Week 2: July 25th - July 28th

  • Week 3:  Aug. 1st  -  Aug. 4th   

  • Week 4: Aug. 8th  - Aug. 11th

$175 for members per week

$225 for non-members per week

**additional kids are $25 less!**

Kids should bring sunscreen, water, a swim shirt, a hat, dry clothes, and snacks.  (Extra snacks to share with the instructors is always appreciated :)  As mentioned above, we will be providing lunch, a veggie and non-veggie option each day.

For more information:

email: Ryan@costaricasailing.com

or call: 2654-6056



Trivia Night!

Screenshot 2017-02-09 at 2.43.00 PM.png

We normally do Trivia night the second Wednesday of every month. If you can't remember "Hey, it's the second Wednesday of the month!" don't worry. We'll try hard to let you know via the weekly newsletter and the FB and the Googles and such. 

But honestly, we've enjoyed it so much, and other folks seem hungry for something to do, so we're offering a second Trivia Night (at least this month of May - stand by for a progress report and to know whether we'll be keeping this up in subsequent months.) 

So, to recap: Usually the second Wednesday of each month, but possibly adding the last Wednesday of the month as well. But not necessarly. Depending on participation. Eat accai berries. 



Taco Tuesdays

As the name implies, Taco Tuesday is held each Tuesday at the Latitude 10 Beach Club at the Sailing Center. And while we're off the topic, that's a long name, isn't it? L10BC@TSC isn't much better. Can we all just agree we'll call it L10?

The idea behind Taco Tuesday (or TT for short) is to make your life a little easier (no dishes and kids under 6 eat free), plus it will get you down to the Club for a little Playa Potrero sunset, and finally, it coinsides with Happy Hour. All good things in our view. 

Taco Tuesday features not only our great chicken, pork, and veggie tacos, but also shrimp and fish tacos, rice, beans, pico de gallo, spicy carrots, guacamole, sour cream, and other great accoutrement. So come on down to the Costa Rica Sailing Center or CRSC or Latitude 10 Beach Club or L10 or L10BC@TSC for Taco Tuesday (TT) tonight (If tonight happens to be Tuesday). 



Members' Free Day!

Members' Day is a great opportunity to get in the water and enjoy your Club. It's also a fine time to grab a free Member Beer or order a cool pineapple smoothie. 

Current Club Members can use all the Club kayaks, paddle boards, sailboats, etc. as part of their membership on the first Friday of each month. We also have a great BBQ available at discounted rates for members and kids. 

We are extending the hours of Members' Day to make it easier for folks to get access to the equipment. Kayaks and paddle boards are available after 9am, boats after 10am. (Beers start at 3:30pm.) All boats and boards need to be back to the beach by 4:30(ish).




Studies Show Rum Improves Your Life!

Recent research shows that drinking rum and watching sunsets is not just a fun Central American pastime, it's also good for you. I'm not sure where we read that. Maybe Jeff just told me. He's not a doctor, but I'm pretty sure he's right. 

Screenshot 2016-11-17 at 2.31.36 PM.png

If you'd like to test out these baseless claims, we've got some great upcoming opportunities. Members' Free Day is this Friday. This data isn't going to collect itself! Come on people! Let's do some science!

We're going to change the set-up of Members' Day just slightly. Instead of having the whole thing from 1-5 pm and having everyone trying to get boats at the same time, we're going to make kayaks and paddle boards available to folks from 9 am - 4 pm. Sailboats are going to be available 10 am - 4 pm. Why? Well we think more members will get out on the water this way. And we're very, very generous. And we love you. (Speaking of which: Free beer starts at 3:30 so the folks who have regular jobs still get a crack at it.)

Just a reminder, if you haven't received your Member Card, you'll soon need it to get your member discounts. There are just too many new faces, and our staff can't keep track of everyone. If you haven't received your card (most of you haven't), you can email Jeff with a good picture of yourself and he'll get it ready for you. Give us a little time. It may take a week or so. Better than nothin' (trademarked new CRSC catchphrase).

You may have noticed the wind has finally pipped up. That means it's time for the CRSC Club Series. Races are on Saturdays starting at 1 pm. For the next 10 weeks we will tally the race results and crown a Club Champion.

The bragging rights will be truly exceptional. For one thing everyone in the Club will be required to address you as "Club Champion (insert your last name here)" in a fake posh English accent.

You'll need to complete at least 6 of the 10 weeks of races, (four throw-away results if you do all 10). Your first race (if you do multiple in a day) is the only one that will count toward your Club results. Any end-of-series tie in race results will be solved by a dinghy race to the death! (not really).

If you'd like to prepay for the next 10 races, you'l get a 25% discount (available only this week) $75 for 10.

All are welcome and encouraged to come sail. It's still all about the fun. But, you know, bring it if you got it.

We're also having Glasseye starting at 4pm on Saturday January 14th. It's a great day to do a bit of day drinking. Fun starts in the early evening and just goes till around 7pm, so get here early. We'll be celebrating five birthdays. Brittany turning 40, Journey turning 4, Eva turning 2, Isabella turning 4, and Kim turning 34, so come on down and say Feliz Cumpleano!

A bit further in the future we'll be hosting Comedy Abroad on Valentines Day (February 14th). This is an international crew of comics travel ling around Central America. It's also a great opportunity to take care of your Valentines requirements without buying jewelry or having a bunch of melting chocolate around. We heard these guys last year, and it was a fun night. Tickets are $20 at the door and benefit Abriendo Mentes. Great (but as of yet, unspecified) dinner specials will be available. 

Finally we're going to be hosting the Costa Rican Blues Fest here on February 18th. This is going to be big. An all-day music and bbq fest. Please mark your calendars and get ready for a good time.

Currently on the roster: Diunna Greenleaf & Blue Mercy, Chris Ruest trio featuring Gene Taylor, Donnie Walsh & Leatherbacks, Blue Devils, Dr. Blues & The Septembers, Avenida Blues, and 3 for the Blues. Come on down and support this incredible event!

Oh! Youth Clinics! We're running our Youth Clinics again this month. Sorry for the late notice! Clinics start a little earlier than normal 9:30 am on Saturdays. And they finish at 11:30. Beginning students will be this first week and the third week. Intermediate students are the second and fourth weeks of the month. If you have questions please email Ryan for more information. (FYI 3 student minimum to make a class.)

Thanks for reading.


December Sailing in Costa Rica


December Sailing in Costa Rica

December is a wonderful time to be in the water. At least it is here in Playa Potrero. 

We are holding kids camps the week of the 12th and the 19th. If you have a kid who loves the water and want to get them involved, camps run Monday through Thursday from 9am till 1pm. Email justin@costaricasailing.com for more information.

If you're going to be in the area and want to get out on a sailboat, we've got some great choices. If you already know how to sail, we'll give you a quick checkout, and then off you go. All our boats go out with a radio, so you'll always be connected. 

If you're looking to learn how to sail, there is no better place. Warm water, seasoned instructors, and a great place for a beer after you're done. 

If you love sailing and you're around on Saturdays, we have a fun race series that visitors are welcome to join. If you're really good, we suggest you check your lines and make sure we haven't tied anything to the bottom of your boat to slow you down. Other than that, it's really fun. We set a few marks, sail around, and enjoy the day. 

If you're interested in renting a boat, check out our rental page.

Hope to see you soon.


Costa Rica Sailing Center



Sailboat Rentals in Costa Rica

Want to rent a sailboat in Costa Rica? We can see why. Warm water? Check. Tropical breezes? Check. Sandy beaches and palm trees? Check. Great boats to rent? Check! Costa Rica Sailing Center has what you need. Our rental fleet has boats for up to 4 people and our sailing bay is the best in Guanacaste. Maybe all of Costa Rica. 

Folks who want to rent sailboats at the Sailing Center need to have experience in small boats and be able to demonstrate those skills. It's the Pacific Ocean and you need to know how to get out and back safely. CRSC has classes available if you need a refresher, and each boat is sent out with a VHF radio so you can contact the sailing base if you have any questions while you're out there. 

If it's your first time renting a sailboat at our location in Costa Rica you'll be asked to perform basic upwind sailing and for the smaller boats, a capsize recovery. Don't worry, our boats are new and easy to use, and as we mentioned, the water is 85 degrees. 

Our facility features Hobie cats as well as smaller single- and two-person monohull boats from RS Sailing. Potrero Bay is absolutely stunning with small islands dotting the protective bay and calm, blue water. 

If you have questions about our boats, your sailing plans, Potrero Bay, or you'd just like to chat a bit about sailing, shoot us an email - justin@costaricasailing.com. We'd love to hear from you

Fair winds! 



Sailing to Las Catalinas

One of our newest Club Members also happens to be the developer for the Las Catalinas project on Playa Danta. He and his son came sailing with us, and he wrote an especially nice blog post about CRSC. (Click here to read the post)

He also included a great video! I especially like the feet sticking out the side. 



Sailing Rentals in Costa Rica

Now that we've got our new boats, we're ready to start renting sailboats in Potrero Bay, Costa Rica! Deep breathe. Yes, it's an exciting day. And we want everyone to have a wonderful experience with our RS Teras, RS Qubas, and Hobie Waves, so the first time you rent from us, your rental will include a 10-15 minute checkout sail to pass along local knowledge and make sure you're comfortable with the equipment. 

It's important that everyone be safe. Even though we have one of the best sailing bays in all of Central America, the winds can be shifty sometimes. Don't be intimidated. We’ll teach you about leaving and returning from the beach, the local reefs and local sailing knowledge of Potrero. It's always nice to talk to local mariners and we've been sailing this bay for a long time.

The Checkout is required and is done right before you rent the first time. It is our chance to see that you have sufficient skills to sail the boat safely and appropriately in the changing conditions of Potrero Bay.

You'll need to satisfactorily demonstrate sailing ability, including a capsize recovery, tacking, jibing, and sailing at all Points of Sail. As we've said, the Checkout is a prerequisite for future renting of a Tera, Quba, or Hobie Wave. OK I think we've got that covered. 

What if you want to rent one of our RS Fevas or the Venture? To rent those boats you'll have to be a member of our Sailing Club with a minimum Junior ranking or have ASA or US Sailing certification. Or you can take one of our certification courses

We're excited for you guys to get down here and go sailing. How about tomorrow?





A Windy Day is a Happy Day

Most days on our bay are pretty much perfect. Enough wind, flat seas, beautiful sunshine, and warm water. But what are the things you want to think about when the wind comes up? 

Among the million or so nautical sayings there is one that goes: There are old sailors and bold sailors, but there are no old, bold sailors. That's one we can really get behind. At CRSC you'll learn how to sail, but you'll also learn to respect the elements, and be confident when the wind pipes up. 

The first thing to think about is safety. Always. Safety first. Do you have your life jacket on? Do people know you're out sailing? Do you have a radio on board? (All our boats have radios so you can communicate with the CRSC world headquarters - aka the Boat Shack).

Next, think about the amount of sail you have up. This is critical. Having the right amount of sail up can make a super windy day the perfect sailing day. Having too much sail will stress out your muscles, your relationships, and your equipment. Our sailing classes will teach you the best ways to reef, and how to tell when it's time.

Another or those famous nautical sayings is (I'm paraphrasing here) If you think it might be time for a reef, it's time for a reef. We'll help you recognize the signs. If the wind doesn't continue to build, it's always easier to shake out a reef than to put one in while you're already being tossed around. 

If you're not familiar with the term, "putting in a reef" means reducing the size of your sail so it's safer and easier to handle. (Wikipedia link here). 

As the wind comes up, you may need to reposition your passengers or yourself to help keep the boat from heeling too much. Heeling is normal for most sailboats. By moving the weight of you and your crew toward the upwind center of the boat, you may be able to keep the boat moving forward while reducing the over-heeling of a boat in higher winds. 

Being comfortable sailing in higher winds is a matter of experience. Once you see how much more control you have after reducing sail, you'll be surprised how much wind you can comfortably handle. Then you'll feel like a windy day is a happy day too. 





Boats, Boats, Boats.

Finding the right boats for the sailing we want to share with our friends in Costa Rica has been a challenge. We have some basic needs. They need to be safe. We're far from the local chandelry, so they need to be tough. We need some boats that are so basic, kids can rig them, sail them, flip them, right them, and keep having fun the whole time. We need bigger boats that adults can learn on, and we need boats that are both forgiving and challenging. We think we've found what we're looking for in RS Sailing.


RS Sailing's growing fleet of international class boats come in a range of sizes and configurations. From learning dinghies like the Tera fit our needs better than the Optis and El Toros we grew up sailing in San Diego and San Francisco. These boats are great for young learners, and let the kids progress to boats with greater handling and control like the Quba while keeping the basic feel and function relatively the same. 

For adult students, or as the kids turn into teens and start looking to racing, the Feva is the boat that fits. This is the boat in the RS Sailing line that initially caught our eye. This is a boat you want to sail whether you're out to explore the bay, or racing in a big fleet. A big optional asymmetrical jumps the power up a notch, and she gets up on a plane and really moves if you want her to.  

So far the catamaran and the larger keel boats are still in the works, but get ready. Not only will they fit the bay well, they are going to be an exciting ride no matter where you are in the country.

One of our big requirements at CRSC is the ability to deal with a fair amount of wind on occasion. Mostly we get perfect 10-15 knots of soft breeze in our protected bay. Less tucked away where we teach our beginning classes. And getting wet isn't a problem. But so many of the small boats we grew up sailing in Southern California are not well-suited for this environment (though you're welcome to disagree). RS Sailing's line of lightweight, heavily constructed, and incredibly well-designed boats is the right choice for CRSC.

Come down and try them as soon as you can. We are sure you'll agree.


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Costa Rica By Sea

My first glimpse of Costa Rica was at dawn on June 2nd, 1994. Jeff and I sailed into Playa Del Coco with our triumphant Guns and Roses blaring from the stereo. (We liked to make a big entrance when we came into a new port.) We wove through the boats at anchor, spun smartly upwind, and set an anchor to my soul.

Now 20 years later we are getting the band back together and bringing that promise of wild optimism, fun, and possibly loud music (if you have your own waterproof speakers and take that stuff well away from shore) to this incredible coast. Like a tiny Guanacaste seed grows into a broad green tree, the Costa Rica Sailing Center mixes metaphors and has the wind in it's teeth. Come aboard. We're expecting you!

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