One Hour Sail with a Captain $95

Our most popular option. Get out on the water on one of our Hobie Catamarans. Smile. Have a good time. Come back refreshed.

  • For up to 4 people

  • Price is total, not per person

  • Includes lifejackets, fun, salt water

  • Add a second hour for $125 total

Fun Pass for Two! $149

If you don't do this, you don't like fun. Seriously, if you have a few days and want to get on the water, it's a great deal. And you get t-shirts. 

  • One-hour Intro Sail

  • 2 Paddle Boards (one hour)

  • Double Kayak + Snorkel Gear (two hours)

  • 2 CRSC T-shirts (fun and stylish)

  • (Add an extra person for $95)

And no, you don't have to do this all in one day. 


Our gear. your fun. 

Whether you want to sail, snorkel, or paddle our staff is here to help you get away from it all and back again safely. We offer a range of boats, kayaks, and other water equipment for all levels of experience. You'll feel supported and confident all the way. 


RS TERA                     $30/1st hour     $15/additional hours 

RS QUBA                    $50/1st hour     $25/additional hours

RS FEVA                     $60/1st hour     $30/additional hours

HOBIE Wave               $80/1st hour     $40/additional hours

HOBIE 16**                 $90/1st hour     $45/additional hours

LIDO 14**               $100/1st hour   $50/additional hours

RS VISION**                $100/1st hour   $50/additional hours

RS VENTURE**            $130/1st hour   $65/additional hours


Single                         $20/1st hour      $10/additional hours

Double                       $30/1st hour      $10/additional hours

Fishing Kayak           $30/1st hour      $10/additional hours

Huki Outrigger**         $40/1st hour      $20/additional hours


                                  $20/1st hour      $10/additional hours


                                  $5/hour              $10/half day


                                  $10/ half day      $15/full day      

Current CRSC Club Members get a 50% discount

* First time sailboat renters will need to have an on-the-water check-out by a member of our CRSC Staff. We'll share our experience about leaving and returning from the beach or dock, the local reefs, and other local sailing knowledge for Potrero Bay. 

We want everyone to stay safe on the water. The check-out is our chance to see that you have sufficient skills to sail the boat safely and appropriately in the occasionally shifting winds of Potrero. The check-out typically takes 10-20 minutes.

If, at the end of the check-out, you want to have further instruction for you or your group, just let us know, and we'll arrange the whole thing.

Upon completion of the check-out you'll be able to rent either an RS Quba or Hobie Wave sailboat.

**These boats need an additional level of competency to sail and require a detailed on-the-water checkout if your experience is not extensive. Higher-performance boats for higher-performance fun!